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Welcome to our NEW, FRESH site! Enter 'FreeShip' to earn free shipping on orders over $50

Skin Regimen Boosters


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  • Tea Tree Booster (25 ml)
  • Purifying concentrate with 1% Tea Tree oil, 3% Mandelic Acid and Longevity Complex
  • Combats imperfections and reduces their appearance. Helps purify, smooth, and even complexion
  • Recommended for oily and problematic skin types
  • Use nightly for one month to reduce and balance excessive oiliness
  • PRO TIP: apply small amount directly to blemishes to promote healing
  • HA (hyalauronic) Booster (25 ml) 
  • Corrective, hydra-plumping concentrate
  • Micro, macro and cross-linked hyaluronic acid at 1.85%
  • Three molecular forms to ensure immediate and long-lasting effect
  • Ideal to correct fine lines and dehydration
  • VIT-C Booster (25 ml)
  • Corrective, brightening concentrate
  • 5% vitamin C with stay-fresh sachet
  • Clinically proven vitamin C integrity for 1 month
  • Ideal for correcting dark spots, uneven tone, dullness
  • Retinol Booster (25 ml)
  • Corrective, wrinkle concentrate1.5% retinol + silybin, a natural retinoic-like acid
  • Double release system for maximum tolerability, stability, bio availability
  • Ideal for reducing appearance of wrinkles and imperfections.
  • Tulsi Booster (25 ml)
  • Corrective, nourishing protective oil
  • Pure concentrated oil, nourishing and antioxidant
  • 10% tulsi active complex
  • Ideal for dry and depleted skin
  • Silky, non-oily texture